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Thank you for visiting! Get a small glimpse of my knowledge

1.1 Music

1.1.1 Orchestral Work
1.1.2 Chamber Music
1.1.3 Music Lesson
Clarinet / Guitar

1.2. Speech

Settings, Posts
Narration, News
Features, Storys
Interview, Phonation

2. Media & Recording

2.1 Natural soundrecording at amazing places
2.2 The art of expression with your voice
2.3 Audio- & Videoproduktion
2.4 Websolutions, Websites & Grafic, Press & Public Relation

3. Technology

3.1 Audiotechnology
3.2 Intranet / Internet
3.3 Radio Frequency

4. German Radio

4.1 Commercial Radio
4.1.1 Design & Programming
4.1.2 Studiotechnique
4.1.3 Marketing / Commercials
4.1.4 Economic & efficient leading of a local radio station

4.2 HAM Radio DL1NDG

5. Personal Growth

5.1 Make the change
workshops and lectures about how to discover your
handicaps and change them intoyour growth and skills

5.2 Motivation

6. Smile

6.1 I love to feel good and give all my sympathy.
You are welcome!

... by the way:
I speak German, English & Portuguese

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